Remembering Hurricane Floyd

September 16th, 1999. 

Ten years ago today, Hurricane Floyd hit my hometown. Rocky Mount, North Carolina.

It's a small southern city along Interstate 95 and has never been the same. I no longer live there, having moved ten years ago. 

But that natural disaster is something I'll never forget.

"Hurricane Floyd is an event so paramount in Rocky Mount's history, many of those who survived the storm say the 1999 flood divides time.There was Rocky Mount before the flood. There is Rocky Mount after the flood." - Rocky Mount Telegram

Located a few hours from the coast, Rocky Mount had been hit many times during previous hurricane seasons. 

In fact, a hurricane had hit the area just a week prior to Hurricane Floyd. 

So when I woke up the morning after Hurricane Floyd, nothing seemed unusual or out of place. 

Little did I know.

Our house had not been hit hard and there was not any flooding in our home. 

But throughout the region, and particularly in Rocky Mount, the flooding was devastating.

Before all was said and done, the Marines came, as well as President Bill Clinton. The Red Cross was there too. 

Many lost all they had, including pictures and memories that can never be replaced.

As I helped friends and neighbors recover, it made me all the more thankful for my situation. We had not experienced any loss. 

It also reminded me of the fruitlessness of an emphasis on materialism. Things can be replaced, but not health, family and friends.

Like I said, since Hurricane Floyd, Rocky Mount, North Carolina has never truly been the same.
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