3 Weird Appetite Suppressants

Eat or drink one of these before a meal. (Or up to twenty minutes before a meal.)

The appetite-suppressing effect can be almost immediate or may take up to twenty minutes. See what happens for you.

1. Pat of Butter

Fun situations to use a pat of butter:
  • You just sat down at a nice restaurant. You're starving. The big bread basket comes... Reach for the butter - and have a pat or two (or three). All By Itself - without the bread. Let it melt in your mouth like a creamy square of chocolate.
  • You're starving and have nothing in your fridge, no time to prepare anything or pick up something to eat. Go to your fridge and slice off a pat of butter or two (or three). Let it melt in your mouth...
Important: The butter you use regularly (at home) must be at least organic. Even better is organic unsalted. Best is organic unsalted from grassfed cows or goats.

2. Coconut Tea

How to make: Mix up to 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in 1 cup of hot water or any tea you like. If you have not used coconut oil before, start with 1 teaspoon and ramp up gradually.

To use as an appetite suppressant, drink coconut tea 20 minutes or sooner before a meal.

You can drink coconut tea any time of day. It also serves as an energizer and immune support.

This technique was suggested by Dr. Mary Enig and Sally Fallon in their 2005 book, "Eat Fat, Lose Fat." 

One university student, a lawyer who had been trying to lose weight, unsuccessfully, for thirty years, cried as she reported on her 3-week self-study. 

She said with coconut tea, for the first time in her life she was able to shed 15 pounds and not feel hungry all the time.

Important: Use unrefined organic coconut oil. Either virgin or expeller pressed is okay. Tropical Traditions and Wilderness Family Naturals online are reliable sources.

3. Creamilk

How to make: Mix 1 part heavy (whipping) cream to 3 parts water:
  • To make a cup: ¼ cup cream + ¾ cup water.
  • To make a quart: 1 cup cream + 3 cups water.
  • For a half-gallon: 1 pint cream to 3 pints water
Important: Use organic cream. Pasteurized is better than ultrapasteurized. Raw cream from grass-fed cows is best. Use filtered or spring water.

Bonus Tip:

Chew your food to mush. Do not swallow lumps.

This allows your stomach to send your brain a Satisfied signal sooner.

Your stomach can digest mush easily. When it has digested the amount of food it can handle comfortably at one meal, it will notify your brain that you have eaten. The brain then turns off your appetite.

The better you chew your food, the sooner your stomach will send your brain the satisfied signal and the sooner your brain will turn off hunger pangs. 

You might then be able to eat less without feeling deprived or hungry all the time...


It's important that the fats you eat regularly are organic, because toxins like pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals concentrate in fat cells. Occasional non-organic fats are fine, but if eaten regularly, they may defeat your weight loss efforts.

Research indicates that about 700 to 800 calories of fat per day keeps hunger away. (M.A. Ohlsson et al., 1955, in G Taubes, 2007, Good Calories Bad Calories) 

That's equivalent to a stick of butter or 8 tablespoons of coconut oil or 1 cup of heavy cream (1 quart of creamilk).

I know this sounds weird. 

But the results show that eating this amount of daily fat safeguards the long term success of your weight loss. 

Ohlsson reports (in Taubes, p 334) that at that level of fat consumption, her female subjects "did not appear to give as much thought to forbidden foods," and "they also appeared to be more successful in controlling appetite during college vacations."
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