They Died Trying To Get Some Sleep

You probably know two big names who've recently died.

Heath Ledger (28 years) and Michael Jackson (50 years).

What you might not know is they died trying to sleep.

Neither were known for taking prescription uppers. Take Heath Ledger - all he did was something most people do every day.

Drink coffee.

In his last interview, a month before his death, a visiting reporter noticed before Ledger could even have a conversation with her about his latest movie role - the Joker in the Dark Night Batman movie - he had to make himself two pots of coffee.

In between six cups, he went on his deck to smoke a few cigarettes. To wake up and get juiced, he told her.

But think about it. 

How ya gonna sleep at night with that much coffee in you? Too wired. 

So he took sleeping pills. And they got stronger and stronger.

Eventually, it was too much for him and caused the Big Sleep.

Same thing happened to Michael Jackson.

Who else is too wired on caffeine, nicotine, alcohol and sugary stuff to calm down and sleep at night?
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