Are You Tired of Vitamins That Don't Do Anything?

When your knife is dull, you can immediately see the problem and how to fix it.

But when you take daily vitamins, how would you even know there's anything wrong?

Most grocery store vitamins, it's been discovered, do nothing. Many are suspected of doing more harm than good. Most contain synthetic ingredients and artificial colors like yellow dye #6, yellow #5, blue #1.

The AIM Companies came up with a whole-food supplement called BarleyLife.

When you're extreme about what you put in your body, what else do you do?

Yes, I sell it. I'm more than glad to make a living doing something I believe in so much.

What will this nutritious green powder will do for your body? 

Who else needs something extra-good to make up for imperfect living habits?

By the way, you are surely not like the folks stocking up on pills that they think can spare them expensive doctor visits?

Who else is buying a dull knife and doesn't know it?
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™