They Are Stuck on a Truck!

Want a free truck?

That's what twenty-five contestants are after, as they participate in the annual 'Stuck on a Truck' competition at the Toad Suck Daze festival.

Beginning at noon on Thursday, these hopeful truck winners place their hands on a new Ford F-150.

The rules are simple: The last one awake and holding one hand on the truck wins it.

During the competition, contestants are given a five minute break each hour. Once every six hours, contestants are given a fifteen minute break.

Except during permitted breaks, one hand must remain on the vehicle at all times. A contestant may not sit, lie, lean, kneel, squat, stand against or otherwise use the vehicle to support his or her body.

In 2007, the competition almost reached the 99 hour mark! With just two people remaining, one of them finally walked away in a state of sleep deprived delirium.

What a test of endurance!
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