Vitamin D Fights Colds and The Flu?

It's cold and rainy today. Tomorrow we're expecting ice and possibly snow. And you thought spring was just around the corner...

Anyway, we've all heard sunshine is good for us and produces vitamin D. 

Technically, however, vitamin D is not considered a vitamin. It's actually a hormone our bodies make. 

When sunshine hits our skin, it converts cholesterol into what we call vitamin D.

We need vitamin D for strong bones and teeth, as well as overall health. 

When we don't get much sun during the winter, we don't produce much vitamin D, and this can lead to colds and the flu.

But low levels of vitamin D can also lead to less protection against colon cancer, Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), Multiple Sclerosis and more. 

Not only that...

"A review of studies conducted by researchers at the Mid-America Heart Institute suggested those with vitamin D deficiency - a designation estimated to include about half of American adults and nearly one in three children - might face an increased risk for heart attack and stroke." -

Do you need another excuse to get off the computer and get outside?

And while you're out, don't use any sunscreen. That defeats the purpose. (You're not going get skin cancer being outside fifteen to thirty minutes.)

By the way, vitamin D can also be found in fatty fish like tuna, beef (grass fed), eggs (pasture fed) and some fortified dairy and juice products.

If you're looking to supplement, try CalciAIM.

However, your best source of vitamin D is always going to be from the sun. 

Makes me want to get my little man and head to the beach!

Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™