One Way To Relieve Chicken Pox


"I've been taking BarleyLife for five years. I also took it when I was younger. My mother used to sell BarleyLife to people after church. I would hardly ever get sick, but other people would. After a few years, we all stopped taking it.

I decided to take it again in 2003. I felt a lot better and had more energy. When I would get sore throats when catching a cold, I would gargle with BarleyLife, and after a few times, my throat would feel so much better.

I met my wife in 2003 and we were married in 2004. During our first year of marriage, my wife seemed to be sick every month. I finally got her to take BarleyLife and a lot of her sickness went away. She was reluctant to gargle with BarleyLife, but afterward she was a believer.

In November 2007, I got the chicken pox at age twenty-nine. I caught them from my grandfather, who had shingles. I knew BarleyLife is an anti-inflammatory and decided to try it. I created a paste and began to put it on my chicken pox.

I first tried it on my arms and my wife said the swelling went down the next day. After seeing the results, I put BarleyLife all over my chest and stomach. The next day, the spots were less red and the blisters were reduced.

I had about five hundred spots all over my body, but mostly on my upper body. I am glad BarleyLife was there when I needed it.

I still went to the doctor and got antibiotics, but I think the BarleyLife aided in my recovery.

I have enclosed a photo of me applying BarleyLife on my body. I hope this inspires other people that BarleyLife is not just used for internal purposes." - David Ficke, Lancaster, California

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