It's Not My Fault I'm Sick!

by Mrs. Janice Gravely

"It's not my fault if I have a stroke."

"Diabetes runs in the family."

"Cancer runs in my family, so it's certainly not my fault."

Haven't we heard this by Baby Boomers and our older friends?

No, in many ways it's not our fault. It is the lifestyle taught in schools since the Thirties with the "Healthy Food Pyramid." 

Remember the food pyramid published by the United States Department of Agriculture that was displayed on the front blackboard in school?

Children across America were taught the best diet was one first based on bread, grains, rice and pasta, followed by the smallest amount of fruits and vegetables.

For fifty years Americans were taught to eat this way. 

Dieticians propagated the myth, teaching what they were taught. 

This diet of bread, grains, wheat, corn, pasta, and potatoes became the basis for the "Standard American Diet," SAD to say.

This SAD diet is responsible for the degenerative diseases so prevalent in America today. 


Because the live enzymes, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins present in food straight out of the garden, are destroyed by cooking, canning and preserving. 

Most cooked food lacks the necessary nutrients for health. Live food makes live people; dead food makes degenerating people.

I did not know this when I was seventy-five and suffering from five degenerative diseases. Thank God, a friend introduced me to whole-food nutrition and fresh vegetable juicing. 

Immediately my symptoms improved and I decided to take responsibility for my own health.

Gradually, I changed my lifestyle to eating "fresh and raw". Within three months, I gradually began to feel like a new person. In two years, I turned my health around.

How did the public health crisis of today come about? Historically, it started with teaching in schools that contradicted our mother's exhortation to "eat your vegetables". 

Then after WWII the economy expanded dramatically, bringing disposable wealth to spend on a "richer" diet. Food choices knew no limits. Fast foods replaced home prepared meals and supervised eating. 

With more women working outside the home, family meals were replaced by breakfast on the run at McDonald's and pizza ordered in at night. We even forgot canned vegetables and fruits.

The consumption of "dead food" caught up with us. Degenerative diseases - cancer, heart disease, diabetes, arthritis, and stroke - are epidemic. 

However, they are not caused by a germ nor are they contagious. They happen from the inside out.

Finally, the prevalence of these degenerative diseases became such a catastrophic burden on the health care system that the state governments and the U.S. government took notice.

Finally the USDA, citing "recent studies" turned the recommended food pyramid UPSIDE DOWN!

Finally the USDA healthy diet recommends nine servings of vegetables and fruits a day, as well as servings of meat and dairy products. This is the way people ate before WWII. Chicken every Sunday complimented six days of vegetables and fruits.

Adult onset diabetes and cancer were rare. Heart disease and stroke came late in life, if ever. Nowadays these degenerative diseases are appearing in younger and younger people, even children.

Enough of the gloom and doom! Let that be history. Let us agree with the USDA and turn our thinking UPSIDE DOWN. We don't have to be ignorant victims of a failed system, the Standard American Diet.

WE DON'T HAVE TO DEGENERATE. We can REgenerate by replacing the dead food with live, life-giving food. We can REbuild our bodies, cell by cell, into new disease-free, disease-resistant servants of a renewed mind.

Apostle Paul said, "I keep my body under…" the control of my spirit and a renewed mind.

The short answer to health is to eat live food. 

Any cooked, preserved or processed food has lost its life-giving properties - the enzymes, organic minerals, vitamins and proteins. 

We can eat food fresh and raw. We can provide our cells with better nutrition (fuel) so they can rebuild themselves, better able to do their job. 

Every day with better nutrition the cells get stronger. Every day we REgenerate. Every day we replace weakness with health.

It's not our fault that we fell victim to the SAD diet when we did the best we knew, but we know more now. 

Instead of being a part of the national health crisis, we can help ourselves and be part of the solution. Knowledge is power. Take control of your life and health with a fresh food diet.

Of course, other factors, such as exercise, pure water, sunshine and fresh air, play an important part in health. If one has irritable bowel syndrome, or any reason to avoid vegetables, one can juice all vegetables and fruits for easy consumption.

The bottom-line: Live food makes live people.

Enriched nutrition and effective elimination
bring maximum health.

Janice Gravely is a graduate of UCLA where she received her degree in English. She is an international speaker and author of the book, Won't Somebody Help Me!, a personal biography of how she miraculously made a crash landing in Henderson, North Carolina after her husband died at the controls of their small airplane - one that she did not know how to fly. Her story was heard on Paul Harvey and seen in Reader's Digest as well as numerous other publications.
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