Is Health a Choice?

"Health is not a chance, it's a choice. But it's a choice only you can make." - Raymond Francis, M.Sc., author

Unfortunately, most people believe that disease is something that just happens. It's a roll of the dice to determine who gets sick and who doesn't.

Because of this erroneous belief, few people are choosing health and almost everyone is sick. 

According to the latest estimates, more than 75 percent of us have a diagnosable chronic disease. 

This includes 90 percent of the people over age 65 and 25 percent of the people under 18.

Yet despite these numbers, two thirds of us think we are in good or excellent health. What's happened is that chronic disease has become normal. 

As long as people are able to function they think of themselves as being in good health. 

In truth, only about one percent of us are in good health, and chronic disease is a runaway epidemic.

The economic effect of all this is budget-busting disease-care costs. 

The result is more and more denial of health care, a medical establishment in chaos, and a lot of sick people running around with diminished quality of life.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™