Health Myth: I Take Vitamins, So I Get Enough Nutrition

This may be the most widely believed myth in the wellness industry. 

Yes, absolutely, you need to supplement your diet with vitamins on a daily basis. 

However, there are some problems. Well over 90 percent of the vitamins on the market today are not fully absorbed by the body. This means the reason for taking them is fruitless! What is the point of taking a vitamin if your body cannot use it?

Most people are taking poor quality supplements. Of all the vitamin products on the market today, few actually do much good. One reason most brands fail is they are filled with additives, which can fill up to half of the volume of the vitamin. 

This interferes with the pills ability to dissolve as well as nutrient absorption. It also introduces many harmful contaminants and allergens into your body.

Most vitamins on the market today are synthetics, meaning that the vitamins contain artificial ingredients. These artificial ingredients are fundamentally different from natural vitamins, which affects your body's ability to utilize them.

In addition, the supplement market is unregulated. You simply cannot trust the labels on vitamins unless you know how the vitamins are made. 

Cheap ingredients usually mean the rest of the product is not of high quality. You can quickly evaluate a supplement for cheap ingredients if it contains Carbonate (e.g. calcium carbonate), Oxide (e.g. magnesium oxide), Sulfate, or Phosphate.

Now that you have checked the minerals, take a look at the vitamins. The easiest way to check on quality is to look at the B vitamins, specifically vitamins B2 and B6. In a high quality formula, riboflavin-vitamin B2 will also have riboflavin 5-phosphate. This is also true for pyridoxine hydrochloride-vitamin B6. A high quality formula will also contain pyridoxol 5-phosphate.

Finally, any multivitamin that contains iron, copper or iodine, is an inferior formula. These ingredients are oxidants, which can damage the vitamins contained in the pill.

Your supplements should be food-based and all natural, since this is the only way that your body can utilize all of the components. Most vitamins and mineral combinations are created with isolated nutrients that your body cannot use.

The vitamins that you consume should dissolve in your body within 30 minutes. Most vitamins do not dissolve at all.

Now you know why you may have heard the term, "expensive urine".

So even though many vitamin products are essentially worthless, you still need to supplement. Quality is everything. No matter how little you pay, the most expensive supplement is one that doesn't work.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™