Could This Be The Reason You're Tired?

By eating mostly fruits and vegetables, as well as nuts and meat, it only takes fifty percent of the energy you have to run your digestive system.

Your body then has control over the remaining fifty percent of your energy.

But if you eat mostly cooked or processed/refined foods, your digestive processes will use up to eighty percent of all the produced energy. 

This only leaves twenty percent available to your body for walking, talking and other functions, as well as do body repair work. 

Could this be the reason you are tired? 

Do you suppose that might be the reason your immune system is weak and you have allergies or easily get sick? 

If your body doesn't have enough energy to get rid of toxins, it stores them as fat. 

Could this be one reason why many Americans have excess weight?
Instead of storing energy in the liver and muscles, their bodies store up toxins.
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