America on a Health Kick

Six out of ten adults in the United States take one or more supplements each day.

Americans spend $14.1 billion on dietary supplements each year. (1998)

It is estimated that number will reach 15.5 billion dollars for 1999 and 17.1 billion dollars for 2000.

Reference: Illustration 2 ("US Dietary Supplements Market Size Expressed as Dollar Sales by Top Six Product Categories for 1994 to 1998 and Forecast for 1999 and 2000"; National Business Journal, 2000, Dialog File No. 93, San Francisco: The Dialog Corporation, 2000).

Note: In 1999, consumers spent nearly double the amount spent in 1994, and sales continue to grow at more than 10 percent a year (Nutrition Business Journal, San Diego, 1998).
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