Signs of Malnutrition

  • feel tired and weak 
  • low energy levels 
  • difficulty losing weight 
  • can't easily get to sleep
    stressed and/or nervous 
  • drowsiness during the day 
  • can't concentrate or get confused easily 
  • digestion problems 
  • constipation or hard stools 
  • mood swings or easily upset 
  • no patience for anything 
  • feel depressed 
  • overly dry or oily skin 
  • nausea or abdominal pain 
  • annoying eye twitches 
  • bruise easily 
  • muscle cramps 
  • lower back pain 
  • nails are thin or brittle 
  • hair loss 
  • water retention 
  • don't eat well-balanced meals every day
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™