Diet and Long Life

The people of Okinawa enjoy the world's longest life expectancy, as well as the world's longest health expectancy.

How do they do it?

A study by Harvard Medical School has concluded, 

"Their dietary habits are consistent with what reputable nutrition authorities have been telling us all along. A low calorie, moderate-fat, plant-based, complex carbohydrate rich diet is key to maximizing life expectancy and minimizing risk for the debilitating diseases of aging."

Dr. Bradley Willcox of Harvard Medical School studied the lives of more than 600 Okinawans who were over one hundred years old. Focus was placed on diet, genetics, exercise habits, and psychospiritual practices.

From all these factors, it appeared the most important factor in slowing the aging process was their low-calorie diet; a diet high in plant foods and moderate fish consumption.

Health is a choice. We should study the success of these healthy people and emulate them.

Unfortunately, the high calorie, junk-food diet of the average American is guaranteed to result in early disease and early death. It doesn't have to be this way.

Start choosing more salads and more vegetables with lunch and dinner.
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