How To Extend Your Life Expectancy by 40 Percent

Many studies with fruit flies and mice (they live conveniently short lives) show restricting your calories to thirty to forty percent less than what you are now eating will extend your life expectancy by forty percent - no matter when you start it.

The same effect can be obtained by fasting every other day.

When it comes to life expectancy worldwide, according to the World Health Organization:
  • The Japanese are ranked 1st (81.9 years) 
  • The French are ranked 7th (79.4 years) 
  • The United States is ranked 43rd (77.5 years) 

The average American eats one hundred and seventy pounds of sugar every year. 

Junk food and processed food with no nutrients cut our life span by years and ensure most of us will suffer from prolonged, degenerative disease before we die.

Changing your diet is the least expensive and most productive thing you can do to improve your health and lifespan.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™