Health Update on Father and Brother

We just got back from our summer trip to North Carolina to see my parents and brother.

The good news: According to his doctors, my father's prostate cancer is now in remission. He decided to not use any type of radiation or chemotherapy. He instead used nutrition. He continues to use several different pain medications. He still has a few other health problems, in addition to his prostate.

My brother has had quite a few recent health challanges. He has been diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic and he almost died, according to his doctors. He had to be rushed to the hospital emergency room and then spent a week in the intensive care unit. Every time the staff lowered his insulin intake, his blood sugar levels would rise.

So now he has to use insulin to keep his levels steady. Since we returned from our trip, my mother told me on the telephone that it has been four days since my brother has had to inject himself. His blood sugar levels and his insulin levels are normal.

What did my father and brother do to get these results? They changed their diet. My brother also now exercises by swimming laps at the YMCA.

The body wants to be healthy and will do anything to heal itself. But we must keep the bad stuff out and put plenty of the good stuff in. The sicker you are, the more concentrated nutrition the body needs in order to do its work.

Food is your best medicine. Nutrition works. You are what you eat. Proper diet plays a key role in warding off and curing disease.
Paul Eilers is an Independent Member of The AIM Companies™