The Healing Capability of the Body

Is there such a thing as an incurable disease?
From a medical standpoint, many diseases are incurable. The only reason some diseases are deemed incurable by the medical profession is because they have yet to get out of the body's way and let it work in restoring itself to health. They have yet to learn about removing the cause.

The medical profession is bent on "curing" the body. This is done by providing relief of symptoms. In so doing, they not only hinder all or most healing activity of the body, but actually produce a more stressful condition for the body, lowering its immune system, leading to a more serious diseased condition.

Your body is not designed nor programmed to be diseased. It does not know how to be diseased. The only thing the body knows is survival. Disease is the body's effort at surviving in the face of violations of Natural Laws that govern the body.

If the body has the intelligence to produce a disease, it is capable of reversing the process to return to health - once the cause is removed. Disease is a compensation or reaction to a wrong committed. The body holds on to the disease in order to survive in the face of the violation of the Laws of Health, which continues to be committed. The removal of the violation - physical or emotional - then would allow the body to withdraw its survival mechanism and return to health. The longer the body has had to be in a survival mode the longer it will take to return to health.

Since the body is programmed and knows only health, it is absurd and narrow-minded to state that the body cannot return to health (that a disease is incurable). The only limitation to the body's return to health is the limitations we put on the body, both out of ignorance and indifference.

All diseases are curable by the body. 


By adhering to natural healing principles. Yet some people find themselves diseased, change to a natural living lifestyle and do not gain total health, some even die of the disease. This is for one or both of two reasons:
  • In attitude they were not ready for the responsibility of health, were not willing to learn the lesson for which the disease was a symptom.
  • The disease process had so momentum that not enough time was available for the sick, toxic, inefficient body to utilize the newly introduced nutrients and energies for reversing the disease before the disease killed the body. Remember it is the body's utilization of the nutrients for healing, not the nutrients' action on the body.

How Long to Health?

Just as the body does not get toxic and diseased overnight, it also cannot "clean house" and rebuild itself overnight. A person may spend years tearing their body down and filling it with toxins, so an immediate healing is impossible. It is doubtful if anyone can become totally healthy within one year no matter how dedicated one is to healthful living and eating. Those using a "transition diet" approach are looking at several years until health returns, providing their "transition diet" is continually upgraded. However, many improvements in the body's health take place along the way to give encouragement to continue pursuing a health-producing lifestyle.

by Dr. Joel Robbins, M.D., Ph.D, "Eating for Health and Wellness"

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