Jack LaLanne - Part II

Says Jack LaLanne, 

"Today, everyone is talking about exercise, but there are still too many fat people. Those diet books are bad. The authors write those books to make a buck. It's ridiculous. They say don't eat carbohydrates or starches. Don't mix fat and starches at all. That's just somebody trying to sell a book.

"It's no secret that you need to eat four to five raw vegetables a day, five pieces of raw fruit. If it tastes good, spit it out. You'll never get fat that way."

Jack continues, "I work at living. You gotta think, 'What is the food that I put in my mouth doing to the most important person on this earth?' This is the stuff they should be teaching kids in grammar school. Think of all the medications doctors prescribe for kids to make them feel better. These kids eat crap. You wouldn't give your dog a cup of coffee and a doughnut, yet that's how a lot of people wake up and start their day. They wonder why they're sick, why they're tired."

"Would I put water in the gas tank of my car? Of course not. How about your human machine. You fill it with man-made ice cream, cakes, muffins, soda pop. Did you ever read the label on a can of food? You can't pronounce half of the ingredients. It's filled with preservatives, with artificial flavors and colors. That food has been cooked and killed. You gotta wake up! You're half dead. You gotta start living."

"Though it was my mother who took me to that health lecture long ago, she didn't know anything about nutrition. By the time I became interested in physical fitness, she was in a sanitarium suffering from a nervous breakdown. Once she was released from there, I got her exercising and eating right. She became healthy again."

"I tried to get my dad to exercise and change the food he ate, but he didn't listen to me. He died of a heart attack at age fifty. If I hadn't started exercising and eating right, I absolutely wouldn't be here today. I was fortunate. I found the truth about health and nutrition at an early age."
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